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My name is Adi Nuryadin and I am 33 years of age. I have my diploma degree from Academy of Analytical Chemistry Bogor at year 1999, majoring in Analytical Chemistry with GPA 2,9. I have participated in numbers of trainings such as ISO 9000, ISO 17025, ISO 22000-HACCP and ISO 14001, and MUI Halal Assurance system training, , internal calibration training, methode 1 (six sigma) training, etc. I speak english fluently both written and spoken.  . Right now, I’m still working as a Production Supervisor at PT Gandum Mas Kencana, Tangerang

 I have below 1 years experience as Production Supervisor for PT gandum Mas Kencana, a manufacture of chocolate company

I have 1,5 years experiences as  Chief of production – Kepala produksi and Halal coordinator for PT Cipta makmur Adipratama, a manufacture company of chocolate and bakery ingredient.

i have 2 years experiences as Laboratory TechnicianEngineer onshore for petroleum oil & gas company for project DWWT for Kondur Petroleum , SA EMP Malacca strait, Bioremediation project for PT Pertamina region Sumatra Field prabumulih, Palembang and CMTF Project for PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia.

I have 3 years experiences as Laboratory Technician in cosmetic and healthcare industry in Cussons Indonesia Inc and PT Bangun Perkasa Adhitama Sentra.

my special skill is Production, calibration, Inspection ( in process control, Laboratory Analysis ), internal audit and computer, review documentation (such as batch record or Lot history file) and disolve problem with methode 1 rule ( brainstorming, chart, etc)

I am married with 2 son and 1 daughter, mya first son is Fajar Reza Adam (born on 2000) and the others is Muhammad Fathan Al- Ghazali (born on 2003) and my daughter is Tiara Citra Al-zahira (born on 2007)

My Lovely Wife is Sri Mulyati , she was born in 1982.


Keys Skill

  •  QA/QC Inspector with 9 years experience
  •  Chief of production with 1,5 years experience
  •  Production Supervisor with below 1 years experience


To obtain Production Supervising for Incoming material, Production (manufacturing),  Line Inspection, finished product  in manufacturing company.

 Relevant Experience

As a part of Right First Time development and associated activities in Quality Operation in Pfizer Inc – PGM Indonesia.

As Chief of production in Chocolate and Bakery ingredients manufacturing company in PT Cipta Makmur Adhi Pratama, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Personal profile

I am a good leadership, fast learner, responsible, energetic, smart, posses high initiative and high motivation and eager to learn something new. and have commercial experiences in the Pharmaceutical and Petroleum, Oil & Gas sectors.

I have 5 years experience  as Laboratory Technician (lab chemistry) in healthcare – PZ Cussons Indonesia Inc. and also experience in environmental safety company as laboratory technician onsite at some project of waste water treatment process, mud waste treatment and bioremediation process for petroleum oil & gas company.

I have 7 years experiences as QA Inspector in pharmaceutical industry in Pfizer Indonesia IncPGM Indonesia.

And have 1,5 years experience as As Chief of production in Chocolate and Bakery ingredients manufacturing company in PT Cipta Makmur Adhi Pratama, Jakarta, Indonesia

And have below 1 years experience as Production Supervisor in Chocolate manufacturing company in PT Gandum Mas kencana, Tangerang, Indonesia (on progress)

Keys Competencies

  • I had participated in numbers of  training such GMP, QA  inspection, ISO 17025, ISO 9000, ISO 22000-HACCP,  , Halal Internal Auditor for food company, Six sigma as yellow belt – method 1 training (the RFTyellow belt training for most investigations, improvement and dissolve problems), and also internal calibration (certificated)  so I can use it  to improved in production  process to get continues improvement  activities.
  • I am familiar  to manage and handling daily, weekly & monthly report  in production & QC dept and usually work in deadline and pressure conditions.
  •  I can handle and experience (7 years)  in inspection in incoming material, in line packaging  and in process control and review batch record, so I am experience and familiar in step of production in manufacturing company  from step of  incoming material, ware house receipt, manufacturing process, inspection, sampling and retention sample, line packaging , finished product until review documentation for release product  to market.
  • I can manage and handling schedule and supervising  people  because I am experience as team leader and as chief of production which has 30 people in my team.
  • I can review documentation such as batch record/lot history file which documentation every step of manufacturing process.
  • I can work as team to make every step of production and quality operation  meets quality, regulation and company requirement  such as SOP, product  specification, manufacturing instruction, etc.
  • I had direct  activity experience of validation process and stability program.

Relevant Experience

  • Production supervising, Manage and handling warehouse, manage and Handling for Distribution product  in Food and beverage company.
  • Laboratory analysis of soap product, cosmetic care product and pharmaceutical product.
  • Laboratory analysis of  boiler water, waste water treatment process, drilling waste water treatment, sludge oil recovery, Bioremediation process.
  • QA Inspection of  incoming raw & packaging material, semi/finished product.
  • QA Inspection of in-line packaging and IPC of pharmaceutical product
  • Lot History file or batch records  review for release finished product


others Competencies

  • instrumental analyzer using following types of analyzers (but not limited to):

a. Chromatographs

b. Ph/Conductivity/moisture.

c. Tail gas and Flame Scanners.

d. Density/Specific Gravity/Vapour Pressure/Viscosity.

e. Hydrogen Sulphide/Hydrocarbon/Sulphur

f. Oxygen/CO2/CO analyzers etc.

g. Chemical Lab Instruments. Mainly Gas Chromatographs and the latest analyzer for ISO approved lab Such as manual titrimetri or using Spectrophotometer, HPLC, AAS, infracal, COD reactor, etc

  • I have excellent computer skill to manage laboratory data
  • I can use any deviation, investigation, or others data to dissolve problem & development activities with method 1-rule (brainstorming, chart, etc).


Name:           Adi Nuryadin             Years experience:      above 12 YearNationality:   Indonesian   Years with Pfizer:        7 Year


Type of Degree/CertificationPost Diploma degree – 4 years: Akademi of Analitycal chemistry Bogor


Company:  Gandum Mas Kencana, PT    From: June 2012  To: present  Position:         Production Supervisor – Chocolate Manufacturing

Brief Description of Responsibilities:

Manage and handling Production process of chocolate and responsibility for HACCP, GMP and food halal certification.

Project Reference :

  • Manage and handling production process improvement of chocolate to reduce downtime, 2012
  • Manage and handling Quality improvement for production process, 2012

Company:  Cipta Makmur Adhipratama, PT    From: Jan 2011  To: May 2012  Position:         Chief Of Production – Manufacturing

Brief Description of Responsibilities:

Manage and handling Production process of chocolate and bakery Ingredients and responsibility for food halal certification.

Project Reference :

  • Manage and handling production process improvement of chocolate pasta and block and bakery ingredients to get level stock action plan 2011
  • Manage and handling Halal Certification as KAHI ( Internal Auditor Halal Coordinator), 2011
  • Manage and handling Quality improvement for production process, 2011

Company:  Gametri Tirta Lestari, PT     From: Feb 2010  To: Jan 2011 Position:     Engineer – Chemistry

Brief Description of Responsibilities:

Laboratory Technician on WWTP, DWWT and Bioremediation process on field operations.

Project Reference :

  • Manage and handling laboratory analysis sample of WWTP, DWWT and bioremediation project, 2010
  • Optimation project of WWTP PT Taroko Indonesia Textile -purwakarta,2010
  • Laboratory technician of  Bioremediation project on Pertamina Region Sumatera Field prabumulih, South Sumatera, 2010
  • Laboratory technician of  DWWT for CMTF project on PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Duri field, Riau, 2010
  • Engineer – Field  Laboratory technician Onshore of  DWWT  project on Kondur  Petroleum, SA, EMP Malacca Strait, Kurau basecamp, Kec. Merbau, Kab. Meranti Dasar,  Riau, 2010

Company:       Pfizer Inc – PGM indonesia    From: 2002 To: 2009 Position:         QA Inspector Team Leader

Brief Description of Responsibilities:  QA improvement and development  activities

 Project Reference :

  • Reduce consumable paper on QA activies and reporting by electronic file and improvement SOP in Quality Operation  dept, 2009
  • QAR, deviation and investigation report trend & effectiveness, 2009
  • Improvement of flow process to review lot history file or batch record, 2008
  • Improvement of sampling of  incoming packaging and raw material SOP, 2007
  • Improvement of sampling of  incoming imported semi/finished good SOP, 2007
  • Reiew, manage and handling of  lot history file storage and destroyed, 2006
  • Manage and handling of  retention sample storage and destroyed, 2005

Company:       Cussons Indonesia, Inc   From: 2000 To: 2002

Position:         QC Laboratory Technician

Brief Description of Responsibilities:

Quality Control of PCC and soap product

Project Reference :

  • Manage laboratory analysis of PCC, soap & competitor product, 2002
  • Manage and handling laboratory analysis of boiler and waste water, 2001

Company:       Bangun Perkasa A.S, PTFrom: 1999 To: 2000

Position:         QC Laboratory Technician

Brief Description of Responsibilities:

Quality Control of and Internal Auditor

Project Reference :

Manage and handling laboratory analysis of fiber cement, 1999

  • Manage QC activities in production area, 2000
  • Internal auditor for Survailence & certification of ISO 9000 implementation,2000

Institution: Center of Forensic Laboratory for  Indonesian Police Dept, 1999

Position:    On the job training- 3 month

Brief Description of Responsibilities:

Laboratory technician of drugs and narcotic substance

Project Reference :

Handling laboratory analysis of drugs and narcotic substance evidence for law inforcement, 1999

  • Research for derivated Amphetamine in extacy as ilegal drugs substance in indonesia, 1999

5 responses

19 03 2010

halo salam kenal mas

mampir2 ya ke blog saya


mohon bantuan sebar info pelatihan kalibrasi ke rekan2 mas ya

juga berikan comment untuk blog saya ya


30 07 2015

Selamat Pagi..salam kenal Mas Adi.
Nama Saya Boyke kebetulan saya bekerja sbg HRD di salah satu Industry cokelat yg membutuhkan posisi dg skill yg anda miliki. Saya interested dengan cv anda, jika ada minat pengembangan karir boleh kontak ke email saya. Tks.

18 07 2017

kalau boleh tau, industri coklat di daerah mana yah pak?

kebetulan sy posisi sekarang di Kuningan sbg QA head untuk PT grahamas inti tirta — Toll manufacture aqua Danone

apabila saya ingin bergabung di perusahaan bapak .. kemana sy apply lamarannya

19 07 2017

Daerah Tangerang mas. Nama perush BTCocoa. Cv bs dikirm ke hrd@btcocoa.com

26 07 2017

sudah saya kirim yah pak,

apabila ada kabar selanjutnya bisa hubungi saya di 081383442103

best regards

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